Address/ 住所
4-6-45 Fujiyoshid-city Yamanashi
山梨県 富士吉田市 下吉田4-6-45

The closest station / 最寄り駅
Fujikyuko line  Fujisan station /
富士急行線 富士山駅
 *富士山駅 is written as "Fujisan station"or "Mt,Fuji station" in English.
 * JR "Fuji station(富士駅)" or JR "Shin Fuji station(新富士駅)" is different station from Fujisan station.
Please be careful not to make a mistake the Station!!!!


 Access to  "Maisan chi Cafe&Guesthouse"

7 minutes' walk from "Fujisan station".  About 650m

Stand with your back to the Fujisan station and  keep go straight down the street our place will be on your right.

1. Stand with your back to the Fujisan station and go down the hill straight from the station 

Cross 1st traffic lights (Keep go straight down the slope)


3. Cross 2nd traffic lights at the 4-lane street.


4. Keep walking straight after the intersection.


5. About 150m from second traffic light, there is a small house that have singe bored "まいさんち" on your right.

 You will find the Property behind of that small house.







Welcome to Misan-chi!
Please open the door and come in!

From Tokyo

By bus

Take the ChuoHighway Bus ( Keio or Fujikyu bus) to Fujiyoshida(Mt.Fuji station).

ChuoHighway Bus's bus terminal is located at JR Shinjuku station Shin-Minami exit.
Tavel hours : 1hour50min

Costs : 1750yen


 Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal: Busta Shinjuku バスタ新宿


Fujikyu Experssway Bus reservation center:

  TEL 0555-73-8181 (7:30~20:00)

Keio Experssway Bus reservation center:

  TEL 03-5376-2222(9:00~18:00)


Timetable and route map

Internet online reservation

From Tokyo

By Train

By Ltd express "Azusa" or "Kaiji"

1. Take JR Ltd express "Azusa" or "Kaiji”, get off at Otsuki sta.
(Some Azusa do not stop at Otsuki sta.)
2. Change train to Fuji-kyuko line to Fujisan sta.
Travel hours: 2hours11min

Costs: 3,170yen - 3,470yen 

By slow train

1. Take keio line or JR chuou line, get off at Otsuki sta.
※You need to change trains once or twice before you arrived at Otsuki sta. The transfer station is differs depending on which train you take.  You can check from Digital Train Time table

2.Change train to Fuji-kyuko line to Fujisan sta.

Travel hours: 2hours 43min - 2hours 50min

Costs: 1,963yen - 2,537yen

JR Pass is not accepted for Fuji-kyuko,Costs 1020yen-1320yen

Access by Car

  1. Take the Chuo Expressway.
  2. At the Otsuki Interchange, head toward the Kawaguchiko Interchange. (This interchange is conveniently located on Rt. 139 near Fujikyu Highland Amusement Park.)
  3. Turn left after the toll booth on to R139 and then turn left at the McDonald's.
  4. Turn right at Fuiyoshida city police office(crossroads) onto R137.
  5. After you pass the Gas station, turn left the trficlight.
  6. About 150m from next traffic light, you will see our place on the right.

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Maisn-chi Guesthouse & Cafe

Address: 4-6-46 Shimoyoshida Fujiyosdhia-city Yanamanashi

Japane 403-0004
Phone: +81 555 24 5328